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Welcome to Incourage Counselling

Life is full of challenges. We often feel disconnected from others, situations are too challenging and scary, important relationships have daily conflicts and disagreements, or incidents happen to us out of nowhere and now we are stuck with the aftermath of it. In addition to surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. We can experience losses, confusion, anger, loneliness, fear and impending doom, and separations and be stuck in them. 

Our team’s approach is attachment-based, trauma-informed/sensitive, neuroscience/evidence-based with a focus on insight (emotion and cognitive awareness and shifts) and behavioural changes, to help you achieve a life worth living. A life full of meaningful relationships and purposeful direction. 

Incourage Counselling Inc.

Welcome to a space where we work together to create the life that we want and deserve.

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Why Choose Incourage Counselling?

Each member on the team brings a unique background and approach to their work. Every therapist combines the “art” (the moment-by-moment in real time during treatment) with the science and evidence-based theories and applications, to help you understand yourself, identify your barriers and overcome them. 

Please see each team member’s bios to learn more about their areas of specialization and approach. 

Our Services

We have the belief that you have everything you need to heal within you – we just help bring it out and let it guide your way.



Develop self-awareness, gain clarity and insight, learn how to manage tough emotions, and cultivate a connection with yourself and others.

Relationship Counselling

Increase connection, improve communication, address roadblocks, resolve challenges, and find a sense of meaning in your relationships.

Parenting & Children Challenges

You're not alone in your family conflict. Sessions provide families with
the opportunity to
end the divide and reconnect.

Working with

Those restraining limitations that were imposed
by cultural traditions
limited men as
far as emotions are concerned.

Transitions & Decisions in Life

The goal of life transition counseling is to help individuals get through these emotionally taxing life changes using healthy coping mechanisms.


Do you have some questions?

Incourage Counselling provides counselling services in Burnaby, BC. Reach out to us today and book a free consultation.


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